Go out to the roads and country lanes and compel them to come in, so that my house will be full. Luke 14:23
Gospel-Centered Church Planting to reach the unchurched 99% in Japan.

Jon and Maki Robison have been JEMS missionaries since 2012. Here are some basic information about JEMS(Japanese Evangelical Missionary Society). For further information, please visit JEMS website.

Also, Please visit the page about Jon and Maki on JEMS website.

History of JEMS

In May of 1950, JEMS – the Japanese Evangelical Missionary Society – was born at Mount Hermon as ministers met and prayed. After World War II, they had a dream to rebuild their churches, evangelize their communities, and send the gospel of Christ back to Japan through the sending of missionaries.

Sharing the gospel overseas has also expanded with the development of many programs and the inclusion of South America as another mission field.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, JEMS is a non-profit, para-church organization. It is supported by an interdenominational network of Japanese and Asian American churches and especially by individual supporters.

Since 1950, JEMS has been blessed of God to expand and include many faceted ministries that span the globe today. By the nature of its multi-faceted ministry and outreach into the world which is becoming increasingly multi and inter-racial, JEMS has expanded beyond just the Japanese and Japanese Americans. JEMS ministries now includes other Asian Americans. We are being enriched and empowered to be more effective for doing the work of evangelism, discipleship, teaching the Word, training, equipping, unifying the believers and churches.


Vision Statement

“Jesus to every Japanese, Jesus every day.”

We are an organization committed to telling others about Jesus. We have a specific call to reach the Japanese, knowing that 99% of 128 million people in Japan do not know Jesus. (short/long-term missionaries). We also seek to reach the Japanese who no longer live in Japan, but in other countries such as Brazil, Argentina, Peru and here in the US.

We are also committed to help Christ followers deepen in their relationship with God. We seek to do so by reaching the college campuses through AACF, through Christian adult and youth conference experiences like Mount Hermon, short-term mission trips to Japan and South America, and concerts/sporting events geared toward sharing Jesus.