Go out to the roads and country lanes and compel them to come in, so that my house will be full. Luke 14:23
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Two women

I’m doing a sermon on the wedding at Cana this weekend, there’s a lot of fun stuff packed into that story, and one of the jewels has to do with why Jesus calls his mother ‘woman’. Now, cards on the table, this explanation is not a sure thing, but the truth behind it is, so take it for what you will. Jesus…

Prayer Meeting

Last Wednesday I had the privilege of leading prayer meeting at Church. Pastor was out of town, so I got to do a little study on Proverbs 13, and lead singing and prayer time. There was one other person there. At church prayer meeting there are three regulars, myself, the pastor and Noriko-san, a lady who makes tempura at the local grocery…

Christmas eve at Church

I wish I had more ministry pictures. The problem is, if you’re taking pictures for the website you have to pause ministry. The last time I did that during a practice for our Christmas play I took a selfie that was half thumb. Anyway, all that to say, the picture below is from a silly video we made for the church Christmas…

Minami Kids, the church Christmas…

Minami Kids, the church Christmas program went very well. Thanks for your prayers! We had around 40 kids, played games, did a candlelight Christmas thing and the English kids did a skit in English. I wanted to make a pun on ‘ari’ (ant) and ‘merry’ which sound similar when Japanese people say them, so we did. In an unexpected bit of extra…

Pray for Jon’s knee

I ask for prayer for my knee, which I injured playing soccer the other day. I partially tore my MCL, which earned me a two day vacation from household responsibilities followed by a trip to the orthopedic doctor and a very large knee brace. Thankfully I should heal up fully without surgery within two months.…


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