Go out to the roads and country lanes and compel them to come in, so that my house will be full. Luke 14:23
Gospel-Centered Church Planting to reach the unchurched 99% in Japan.

Summer Festival

In August we had our Summer Kid’s program, which seems to have been an under the sea theme. The decor coordinator did a great job, and even Aki and Leon had a good time painting balloons to look like fish for decorations (some of the fish happened to look like pirate fish, which isn’t a thing, but certainly should be).

I volunteered to pass out some flyers because it’s something that I’ve often done in the past, and while we didn’t have any in attendance from flyers, it’s good to be consistent and let people in the neighborhood know that there is a church nearby that tries to provide some family fun. Of course our final goal isn’t family fun, but we need to introduce ourselves with something a low-intensity felt need, and probably work our way toward salvation from sins from there.

Still, a number of children did show up, play games, whack open a watermelon, and hear a message from the Bible. It was great working with both church people and missionaries. This program took place at the mother church of what will soon be the two church plants on our team. So this was also valuable to run and get information on how we can re-use the program at the new church plants in the future.

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