Go out to the roads and country lanes and compel them to come in, so that my house will be full. Luke 14:23
Gospel-Centered Church Planting to reach the unchurched 99% in Japan.

Plane tickets in hand!

Well, technically our plane tickets are saved in our e-mail. Just doesn’t roll off the tongue the same way. Here are the things that God has provided in order for us to return to Japan to join our church planting team in Kawasaki:

  • Visas for me and Rhea were processed in record time! Our partners in Japan have never seen them processed so quickly, and it was during the busy holiday season!
  • We needed to ask for $17,000 in one-time giving in order to move from into a new neighborhood and housing, I think this is our largest year-end ask to date. But God is good! All of the necessary funds came in, and we can depart anytime!
  • We have already found housing! Our church planting team will be share meeting space with the planting church (also planted by our team leader), and since there is not a Japanese pastor serving at the church, it is also being served by our missionary team, and we will move into the parsonage for the time being. It’s brand new, in fact, it won’t even be finished until around mid-April. The fewer rain days the faster it will be built, so pray for a dry February/March in Kanto this year!

Thank you all so much, we’ll be flying back to Japan March 12th. Please pray for safety, good communication with our new team, and a harvest!

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